Listen to the breath
of stone

Hukka products made from Carelian soapstone provide you an authentic Finnish sauna experience with its calming and purifying effects. Suitable temperature, proper humidity and good ventilation are the essentials for your sauna experience. Hukka Sauna products can help you with the first two.

For example, our Sauna meter tells you when the sauna is warm enough and how humid the air is. Furthermore, our Sauna fountains do not only provide humidity but create a unique sauna feeling by splashing water into the air. When it lands on the hot sauna stones it also creates an atmospheric audio effect for you to enjoy…

We create an unique
sauna feeling

We create a unique
sauna feeling

Hukka products are designed to bring something extra to your sauna experience. In addition to creating a calming atmosphere and helping you to keep the perfect temperature and humidity in your sauna, Sauna accessories add new aspects to your sauna moments. Take a look below at Tahvo the sauna elf or Makkaraputki pipe for cooking sausage in the sauna!

Our most popular Sauna products