The perfect crust, delicious stone oven pizzas with Pizzakivi.

Pizzakivi will turn your kitchen into a traditional stone oven pizzeria. Bake the perfect pizza in the comfort of your own home and surprise your friends with the delicious taste and crunchy crust of the real thing!

The easiest way of preparing a tasty pizza is to to simply place a frozen pizza on the stone plate and bake it up in your oven. The bottom will become perfectly crisp and your pizza will have the inimitable stone oven flavour. For the best results, prepare your own pizza from scratch, following the instructions included in this package, and try your own recipes. Pizza has never tasted better than this!

You can also use Pizzakivi for pastries and other pre-baked products. The desired crispness is attained through the stone’s high surface temperature.

Pizzakivi is also suitable for lidded gas and electric grills.

size: ΓΈ 285 x 10 mm
weight: 2,01 kg
1 pc/box

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