Taste the spirit
 of stone

Cook and impress with Hukka Gourmet products, designed to fulfill your appetite and bring taste to your dishes even in very high temperatures. Whether you’re having a fancy dinner with a loved one or just some pizza and wine with friends, Hukka Gourmet products bring a timeless setting to your dinner table.

All Hukka Gourmet products are crafted from over 2.8 billion years old Carelian soapstone, 100% natural material. They are safe to use and easy to keep clean. No additional chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. As the porosity of Carelian soapstone is very low (porosity 0,008%), it’s easy to wash and will not accumulate residues from washing nor bacteria from food. All Hukka Gourmet products can be washed with regular detergents or in the dishwasher.

Soapstone stays
hot and cold

Carelian soapstone stays
hot and cold

Carelian Soapstone has a natural capacity to retain heat. This capacity has been known for centuries among our ancestors who gathered around fireplaces made of Carelian soapstone to enjoy a meal cooked with utensils made of the same material. All we did is brought this awesome material to the 21st century foodie to enjoy.

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