Give the joy
 of stone

Made out of billions of years old natural soapstone, Hukka Design’s unique gift items will give joy to the receiver for many celebrations to come. Some of the gifts will bring smile to their faces with their surprising, witty Finnish design, others just with their pure elegance. All of Hukka Design’s Gift items are functional – they don’t only look good but they will keep your drinks cold or your candles safe.

Hukka Gift items include candle holders, drink coolers and specially designed cups inspired by Finnish nature and joyful moments with friends. If the receiver of your gift happens to be a food-lover or an eager sauna-goer, check out our Gourmet and Sauna categories as well. All Hukka Products are made out of 100 % natural Carelian soapstone and make great, long lasting gifts.

Share a piece of
Carelian soapstone

Share a piece of
Finnish design

Who wants a disposable gift when you can give a sustainable piece of Finnish design? Hukka Gift products are made out of 2.8 billion old natural Carelian soapstone that is crafted into various functional, playful and beautiful items with over 30 years of experience.

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